Welcome to Flying-V French Alpines of Northwest Georgia. We are located within the beautiful Cohutta Wilderness area in the southern Appalachian Mountains.  Everything we do is aimed at creating a low stress environment as well provide a natural habitat for our animals to thrive in.  We try our best to follow a non-conventional method in raising our dairy goats in lactation. Our dairy goats have free-range access to approximately 18 acres of pasture, fresh water, a spring fed pond, organic vitamins/mineral supplements and alfalfa hay.  At the milk stand, our goats are fed a 16% Protein blend of Non-GMO grains formulated by Resaca Sun, in addition to Tucker Millings 14% Non-GMO multi species pellet. Each goat is cared for specifically to their individual needs, which is why we will maintain a small herd.

Our kids are raised according to current procedures in the prevention of CAE and other caprine related diseases. We participate in the ADGA linear appraisal program and will be conducting DHIR milk testing Spring 2016. 


About our Farm

Elizabeth and Andrew Vivian

Elizabeth and Andrew Vivian

The four Vivian Children

The four Vivian Children

Flying-V Farm currently offers raw goat milk for pets per georgia law 8-9 months out of the year from our small herd of 10 purebred alpine dairy goats. We strive to raise healthy goats which in turn produces quality milk. 

Our goal is to breed a structurally correct dairy goat, strong general appearance and a capacious udder that has great attachment and produces consistently year after year.


Flying-V farm is a family owned operation managed by Andrew and Elizabeth Vivian and our four children. The farm is located in Northwest Georgia within the cohutta wilderness area about 25 miles southeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

On our farm you will see we raise our animals on a managed intensive rotational grazing pattern to ensure our pastures are healthy year-round and our animals receive adequate nutrition. Being said, this allows us to have a diversified farm of small ruminants and raise a few calves every year. 

By supporting our farm, you are supporting a young family and helping a small farm grow and supply the greater Chattanooga area with nutritious foods. 

We believe this starts with strong genetics, and that is why we only raise goats that have come from proven lines. 

We have had the pleasure of being mentored in raising dairy goats by our dear friend Leslie Sidwell, owner of Iron-Rod Alpines whom breeds quality Nationally recognized French Alpines. You will find we strongly use her genetics here at Flying-V Farm while incorporating other well known lines within our herd, i.e Angel-Prairie, Roeburn, Tempo Aquila, Willow Run, etc, to obtain our "own look" while maintaining the consistency that she took a lifetime to perfect.